Come on pop culture, Brienne of Tarth!!!

Come on pop culture, Brienne of Tarth!!!

I don’t understand the constant occurrence of Brienne of Tarth’s “ugliness” as a plot line. I think she is gorgeous! In my opinion, her face is lovely, well above average. She reminds me of a badass Tilda Swinton sort of lady, but super tones and coordinated. Her height is mysterious and exotic, and that is simply the end of it.

It seems to me that the theme should be similar to Tyrion’s. The constant jokes about his height merely force the audience to agree that making fun of someone for being short is about as mature and intelligent as those obnoxious people in the comments section of youtube. He is so clearly brilliant, yet so few people fight him on his own level, instead making fools of themselves stating the same old thing repeatedly, allowing him to use their ignorance to defeat them.

I think that the same theme should be more robustly applied to Brienne. Her only “ugliness” is that she is extremely tall and rather stout. Although in my opinion this isn’t ugly at all. Simply different than the pouty-lipped, long-locked, perky-breasted maidens that dominate the screen. It seems as if the writers want you to feel sorry for her. How sad that she has more character than possibility any other character in the show yet is so ugly! What they should be doing is “how sad for all of the other characters that Brienne has more character, strength and uniqueness than any other character save Ned Stark and yet all the men can see is how small their penises look compared to her size!” It really is their loss, not hers. I think it would be too revolutionary, but I would love it if Jaime realized that Cersei is just a little bit unhinged, and bitter and opted for Brienne instead. Even if secretly. What a great win, you don’t need to be a cookie-cutter woman to be loved. Or even if everyone except me is so convinced she is ugly, a confirmation of the much said but little affirmed “beauty is on the inside” message.

Does anyone else share the same feelings? Disagree?



  1. jessmittens · October 11, 2014

    I find it a way of getting the audience to disagree because we get to see all the awesome things she does that most don’t! And Brienne doesn’t have to be loved back by Jamie to awesome, she’s big and pretty and I’m glad she’s on our screens too!

  2. feministfatal · October 22, 2014

    I think you’re right, it is kinda similar to using how horrible everyone is to Tyrion to prove how stupid it is to make fun of someone for their height. I feel like they use that technique to show how silly it is to hate on her for being a woman warrior, but maybe a bit less for the rest of her appearance. Definite grounds for interpreting it that way though! When the new season starts I will pay closer attention.

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