Epiphany on the Damascus Road

Epiphany on the Damascus Road

I was brushing my teeth this morning and thinking about some of the arguments people bring up when trying to persuade me to Christianity.
One that is infrequently used is the examples of people who converted to Christianity when before being clearly opposed- they really must have had contact to convince them to convert right?
Well that brought me to Saul. And I was thinking, maybe he wanted to convert for a long time but realized that he had been a terrible persecutor of the Christians and didn’t think they would accept him unless their God practically told them to? So he decided that when he was out on the road he would pretend to see God and go temporarily blind. Perhaps he soothed his conscience by justifying it as, unless he convinced them to accept him, he would never be able to do the work of this God who seemed more appealing to him.
Perhaps, like me, he was one of those people he wanted a cause he could be a bit of a martyr for.
Now, I almost feel bad for him.
Seems plausible though right?

Amateur Beat Poetry

Well I realized today, after some disbelief, that my new laptop comes with Garageband, at around 9pm. It is 3 in the morning now and I am addicted. For my first project I played around with some of my poetry and my boyfriend’s poetry and voice and just the samples from the app. If you are interested in listening to it and giving me some pointers on how to better incorporate poetry with sound, please comment! 🙂

PS- It’s rather dark and weird, just a heads up.

First Attempts at Beat Poetry